History of Kekabe Developments

Hello, my name is Kevin Bergman, and I established Kekabe Development in August of 2010. I am a retired civil engineer (albeit a young one) who wanted to pursue a life of greater fulfillment by working on a life-long passion: programming. An engineer by nature, I love to find solutions. But not just simple solutions, rather I enjoy finding intuitive ways to conduct any habit of daily life. (Though, I must admit my fiancée sometimes tires of me analyzing the smallest aspects of any situation to find the most efficient method -- i.e. “you know you could shave off 5 seconds of that 2 minute routine if you only did…”) With that background, combining my problem-solving logic skills with digital programming, I created Kekabe Developments, now my full-time career.

When I first retired I thought at the time my focus would be web development, with an emphasis on online applications. However, within a few months I realized that my true passion was in mobile applications. I fell in love with the Android operating system (and Google in general), and I found myself developing my first mobile app with some assistance from my fiancée. My beautiful Laura is a school teacher, and with her support I created Teacher’s Class GRADER.

As you read this now, I have successfully launched multiple versions of apps in the Teacher’s Class family (GRADER, BEHAVIOR, and EXPENSES). I hope to have more apps available to you soon.

I am always open to suggestions, comments, or even constructive criticism, so please feel free to send me a note. Finally, I would like to personally thank you for supporting Kekabe Developments, either by downloading my apps or telling your friends about them. Without you, there would be no Kekabe Developments!

Kevin Bergman