Teacher's Class EXPENSES © Walkthrough

Main Menu

This is the Main Menu, which you will see every time you start up Teacher’s Class EXPENSES.

First time users may want to select the My Settings option, which allows you to enter your name and e-mail address, both optional. The e-mail address is simply used if you want to e-mail yourself expense records in the future. You may also customize your background color in the settings screen.

Next you’ll want to set up your Expense Types.

Expense Types

Expense Types are an optional organization tool. When you’re recording expense records, you have the option to select which expense type category record falls under.

To customize the types, please tap the Expense Types option from the Main Menu. On this screen, you can customize the name of each expense type, one though four.

New Expense Record

Once you are ready to create a new record, select CREATE NEW RECORD on the Main Menu. You will be prompted for the amount of the expense, the date, and optional expense type and notes.

At a minimum you must have an expense value inserted. The date will always default to the current one, but can be changed by tapping the Modify Date button.

After you have put in your information, please remember to tap the Create Record button.

Total Expenses

Once you have some expense records input, you can review them at any time by tapping the Review All Records option from the Main Menu. As you can see from the sample screen, a list of the expenses and the corresponding date will be displayed. Furthermore, a total of all the expenses will be shown at the top of the list.

Initially, all expense records will be displayed. However, if you have been utilizing the expense types, you can display expenses in each group by tapping the Displayed spinner. Notice if you display only a specific expense type, the total at the top will be reflective of the new list shown.

Total With Menu

As stated on the screen, there are more options if you tap your device’s Menu button. The two sorting options shown will only affect the currently displayed list, sorting either by date or expense value.

The e-mail option will allow you to e-mail yourself the currently displayed list. The delete option will bring up an additional window with multiple delete options: all records or by expense type.

Edit Record

Tapping just a single expense record from the total expenses list will allow you to either edit the record, e-mail the record, or delete that specific record. If you are updating the record, make sure you tap the Update Record button at the bottom of the screen.