Teacher's Class BEHAVIOR © Walkthrough

Main Menu

This is the Main Menu, which you will see every time you start up Teacher’s Class BEHAVIOR.

First time users may want to select the Settings option, which allows you to enter your name and e-mail address, both optional. The e-mail address is simply used if you want to e-mail yourself behavior logs in the future. You may also customize your background color in the settings screen.

Next you’ll want to set up some students.

Student List

Tapping Students on the Main Menu will bring you to the student list, which will always display your current list of students. Pressing the New Student button will allow you to create a new student by typing in the name and priority level (1, 2, or 3).

Priority level is only used when recording behaviors. Students with a priority level 1 will be displayed at the top of the list, level 2 in the middle of the list, and level 3 students will be at the bottom. It is up to you how you would like to sort your students into priority levels.

Tapping a student already on the list will provide you the opportunity to edit the student’s name and priority level, as well as delete the student.

When finished creating or editing students tap your device’s back button to return to the Main Menu.

Editing Behaviors

While Teacher’s Class BEHAVIOR has default behaviors, it is highly recommended you modify the behaviors to your needs. Tapping Behaviors on the Main Menu brings you to the Behaviors screen, where you can edit the behavior names and the good/bad status.

When you are finished editing the behaviors tap your device’s back button to return to the Main Menu.

Recording Behaviors

From the Main Menu, tap START RECORDING to begin logging behaviors. As shown, students will be listed in order of their priority level, beginning with level 1 students.

Also note the pull-down menu under each student’s name. At any time you can change the current displayed behavior for each student. Tapping the red button will log that behavior at that specific time.

Lastly, this screen scrolls through your list of students. Swipe your finger up and down to maneuver to a student you wish to record a behavior for.

Detailed Behavior Log

Tapping Daily Logs from the Main Menu will first bring you to a screen with a list of dates, each representing a log for that specific day. Tapping a date you wish to review will display a screen similar to the one you see here.

The date you selected will always be listed at the top of the screen when reviewing detailed logs. Any student that had a logged behavior on that day will be displayed alphabetically, followed by their respective behaviors which were logged.

Tapping your device’s Menu button will bring up options for e-mailing or deleting the log, as shown on this screen capture. If you have a working e-mail function on your device you will be prompted to use it to send this log to an e-mail address. Deleting a log will do just that, completely removing the log forever.